Monday, 1 December 2014

New results from Caxiuana

We're gradually going through the data from the Brazil trip, learning as we go. But the results so far are definitely very positive - all the hard work in laying out the targets systematically seems to have paid off in that the registration is better than we could have hoped for really. Andy's put in a great effort to get the drought plot done, and from what we can see there are very few areas where the registration of one scan to the next is anything other than excellent. Good news! The first fly through is done - again, props Andy:

A 100 x 5 m slice (40 M points) through the drought plot showing the beautiful detail of the canopy profile.

Here's a zoom in of the slice.

Here's a second slice through the plot - again, coloured by height (note the slice through the runnels on the bottom).

Finally, here's a zoom in of the above slice, with the rainfall runnels more visible.