Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Bluest of blue sky

End of June and we had an absolutely stunning day at Wytham. Mike and Zack from Skycap came up with their DJI Inspire and filmed the standing oak for the BBC documentary; we got some lovely footage around the tree which we'll see in the finished piece. Then we flew up from the site where Olli and Teemu from the Finnish Geospatial Institute (FGI) of the Finnish National Land Survey (NLS) have been based the last few days with their very impressive custom-built hexacopter. They have a multispectral imaging camera, with a gimballed cosine head downwelling irradiance sensor (for those who want to know!) which allows them to capture quantitative measurements of reflectance, not just pretty pictures. The first look at the Skycap footage is pretty stunning.
30 C and blue as the sea - the sky is always like this in the English summer - in my mind at least. I was very impressed with how steady the camera gimball kept the view regardless of the drone attitude. You can see the flux tower from around 0:20 s in, towards the top centre of the wood. The aim is to try out height model software, compare with the NLS data, and the Riegl canopy height model data.