Sunday, 8 November 2015

Off again! French Guiana here we come.

And so it's time to say goodbye to rainy England and head to hopefully not-so rainy French Guiana. We've been fortunate to get some funding via the French Government CNRS Nouragues Travel Grants Program, to visit the field site at Nouragues, and scan some existing tropical forests plots. Andy and I are ready to go, kit loaded on the plane and just hoping this isn't going to be too much of a problem:
Slightly foggy Orly airport.
We're looking forward to the helicopter ride to the forest site from Cayenne and getting to see a new patch of tropical forest. We're also excited to be able to visit some of the key tropical plots set up by Jerome Chave and colleagues. We know we're going to be seeing some lianas, and that ought to be interesting if challenging too.

UPDATE: arrived safe and sound in Cayenne, with all kit which is the important thing. Coldest flight I;ve ever been on, to 28C. Perfect. Spectacular forest on the way in - can't wait!
View from the taxi. Not too shabby!