Friday, 3 June 2016

Name-checked by Chris Packham and Frank Skinner!

Nic Stacey, who directed the Oak Tree documentary for Furnace TV we were involved in, alerted me to the fact that our work on that got a very nice mention by Chris Packham on Frank Skinner's weekly  On Demand With ... roundup of BBC highlights on the iPlayer. Both of them picked up on the number of leaves and seemed amused by the thought of me counting the leaves by hand. In practice, counting leaves like that is anything but amusing ;-) Hey ho, that's what the lidar is for I guess! Link to the program here, and from about 02:20 in: It was also great to see that the documentary won a Royal Television Society award for Best Science and Nature programme. It's good to see Nic, Paul Sen, George McGavin and Furnace getting recognised for this, a really gripping and beautifully-made programme.