Wednesday, 9 May 2018

The Future Starts Here

The new V and A exhibition "The Future Starts Here", which includes some of our lidar work, had its preview and VIP opening yesterday. It's quite a spectacle, with some amazing exhibits. The opening also had its fair share of VIPs and famous faces. And me. :-) 

Museum director Tristram Hunt opening proceedings.

And here we are! Our lidar animation from Caxiuanã, originally generated by Andy.
I was approached by Rory Hyde, one of the curators of the exhibition along with Mariana Pestana, who wanted to include our 3D lidar work from tropical forests, as an example of how new technology is allowing us to understand and hopefully manage our world better.

Other work included in the exhibition includes: a chargeable shirt which can power a phone; a drone ship which can clean up oil spills; an autonomous flying wing intended to cruise the skies using solar power and broadcasting internet access to remote areas; AI bots intended to help mediate and hopefully improve political discourse and democratic process. Lots of fun, thought-provoking and definitely worth a visit if you're in London between now and November.
Aquila, the flying broadcast drone: as being developed by Facebook, obvs.

A man-made leaf that photosynthesises.
Our work also features in the glossy accompanying book, and it's quite a thrill to see it amongst all the other incredible ideas and technology. I got to speak to some very interesting people whose work was also featured, as well as people passing who were interested in my work. There may be more connections arising out of this yet!

Point cloud included in the glossy (£25!) book accompanying the exhibition.

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