Sunday, 2 November 2014

Day of rest

We took a well-earned rest day today, had a lazy breakfast, drank a lot of coffee. Ed managed to buy 24 litres of beer in Brevez "by accident" - he says he definitely asked for 24 330ml cans. Riiiight Ed. But he's trying his best to put it right and hence rolled out of bed a little later than usual this morning. We took the smaller boat to a beach about 30 mins up river - really beautiful little spit of sand. Saw river dolphin, as you do. I must admit I didn't entirely believe Lucy's claim to have spotted one until I saw it, but it was definitely a dolphin. Oh, and it was very, very hot. Equator hot. Nothing that a quality hat can't deal with though.
Mat in a hat. Looking like a

Not too shabby for a morning sunbathe.
The local station staff and workers laugh at us for drinking black coffee with no sugar - particularly after lunch - totally unheard of here. They think it's hilarious and now make me two flasks of coffee in the morning, 1 for lunch and then there's often one waiting for me when we get back in from the field. It's tough but I'm getting through it.