Friday, 21 November 2014

Kim's paper out in MEE

Kim's paper on testing the TLS-derived biomass estimates against destructive harvests was published today in Methods in Ecology and Evolution. For a local PDF go here. Wageningen University and UCL did press releases on it. It's a good paper - Kim should be proud of it. It's the real hard evidence that the TLS plus QSM really can do volume ok, particularly once you consider the uncertainty in the QSM reconstruction methods more systematically, which is what we've been able to contribute. A key result in my mind is that it really shows how the uncertainty in the TLS-derived values are independent of tree size, unlike the allometry-derived values which tend to grow with tree size, mainly due to the smaller and smaller numbers of larger trees. Now to do the same across the tropical trees we have, and we'll hopefully start seeing how this affects things across the tropics!
TLS point cloud and reconstructed model, from Calders et al. (2014).
And here's a really nice animation of the Brisbane field plot from WU.